Custom Jewelry

from Lio

Love letters are unique and personal expressions of passion and care. Words are articulated to evoke emotion and elevate the value of the subject to the writer.

Custom jewelry by Lio is treated the same. Shaping metals like words to create a handcrafted piece to your desire. Your passion, your care, your value expressed through a truly one of a kind piece of jewelry.

For yourself or someone special, let's collaborate and bring your vision to life. Pricing is subject to each piece. To inquire or place an order, please email us at

Handcrafted Jewelry as unique as you

custom pieces
Love letters from Lio

Custom Necklaces

whether it's your child's name, or a significant date, we can help you create a cherished and completely custom piece.

Custom Gifts

Baby shower? Wedding Anniversary? Mother's Day? Graduation? We have you covered! With fast turn around and top quality, we can get you a gift that will wow your loved ones.

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